Sir Siegfried Rehrberger


Young inspiring Human hedgeknight who do not give up

Class: Page, squire, Knight, Knight, man-at-arms

Str: 6 (3d6), agi: 6 (3d6), end: 6 (3d6), Int 7 (3d6), log 3 (2d6), wil 4 (2d6), Cha 7 (3d6), Luc 7 (3d6), rep 4 (2d6), mag 0

Acrobatic 1
Climbing 1
Lore (history) 1
Armor medium 1
Heraldry 1
Perform music 1
Ridning 1
Sword 3
Tactics 1
Leadership 1
Concentration 1

Speed: 12
Climbing: 6
Swimming: 6
Jump: 10’6’
Initiative: 4d6
Perception: 3d6
Carry: 120
Action: 2
Nat.dam: 1d6+3

Melee defence: 14(18)\21 (natural/weapon/armor)
Ranged defence: 14\17 (natural/armor)
Mental defence: 14


Born to a low nobility family. The family won knighthood at the battle at deer hill in the black forest 10 generation ago.
The family castle was lost resently in a battle with their liege lord against enemy lord. Their liege lord was killed and his land taken. Several of his vasals including rehrbergers lost their land.
Since Siegfried has traveled as a hedge knight traveling from lord to lord to seek employment. Still have his grand fathers shield, which have been in the family for generations. The family crest is a deer on a hill.
The latest employment was at baron radobods brother (Vlad Rodobod). He was sending Siefried and some others on several quest to collect some valuable artifacts across the lands. At some point they found out the artifact was to be used for a ritual to call an archdemon. Vlad rodobod was sick and tried to find a cure, so he never had to think about being sick again. Sigfried and his comrades stopped the brother, but had to kill him. They knew Vlad rodobod could not control the archdemon and did not want to bring it into this world. They had very little evidence for their claim, but they had some. But Baron Radobod did not care. He judge sigfried and his comrates to the pit.

Sir Siegfried Rehrberger

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